Creating a Vision for Stratford

Bringing People Together


We are a focused on creating a blueprint for success by bringing people together to learn from each other in order to improve our community.  We are committed residents of Stratford who are non-partisan and believe in building a foundation of trust.  We do this by listening to each other, creating consensus, holding forums, securing expert consultations and driving change one issue at a time. 

Our Goal - To Create a Sustainable and Resilient Community


...built to support the development of a healthy, happy community of people by respecting and cultivating each other and the environment in which we live. We believe we can...

  • Make Stratford the happiest place to live.
  • Make employers want to hire in Stratford.
  • Create an environment that encourages businesses.
  • Make Stratford the most affordable place to live and work in Connecticut
  • Support families.
  • Help our teachers be great.
  • Support learning environments through incentives and innovation.

Our Focus


Our focus is on the following:

  • Energy Utilization - Driving for local development control and sufficiency.
  • Transportation – Making it easier and safer to bicycle. Making transportation from the train to destination seamless. Providing public transportation to the beach, train, shopping, etc. via a transit district trolley.
  • Educational Innovation - Liberating our teachers to teach and explore new models for student engagement and family support.
  • Business Development  - Making products for local and CT consumption. Promote small businesses,  wellness centers, garden centers/boutique farming and the arts.